Donut Math

Program in C code, shaped like a donut, renders a 3D donut shape in ASCII, originally put together in 2006 by Andy Sloane:

At its core, it’s a framebuffer and a Z-buffer into which I render pixels. Since it’s just rendering relatively low-resolution ASCII art, I massively cheat. All it does is plot pixels along the surface of the torus at fixed-angle increments, and does it densely enough that the final result looks solid. The “pixels” it plots are ASCII characters corresponding to the illumination value of the surface at each point: .,-~:;=!*#$@ from dimmest to brightest. No raytracing required.

More technical discussion can be found here
The code itself is posted here


at Glaz Gallery, Moscow

“During more than 50 years of life in photography, Victor Akhlomov has captured more than one era. He photographed many significant events, from the visit of Che Guevara in Moscow to the launch of the first Syberian pipeline.

This exhibition concentrates on Akhlomovs place of birth: Moscow. In all of the Moscow images the love that he feels for this city is obvious. It seems that he’s interested in everything that is going on in the city.” (read more)

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Reef - I would have left you
  • Artist: Reef
  • Song: I would have left you
  • Album: Glow
  • 102

Reef - I would have left you

One of the best led zeppelin child

The Velvet Underground - Pale Blue Eyes
  • Artist: The Velvet Underground
  • Song: Pale Blue Eyes
  • Album: The Velvet Underground
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Pale Blue Eyes by The Velvet Underground